Our Team

The Shrink Space

The Shrink Space is a HIPAA and VPAT-compliant software platform that streamlines the referral process for counseling centers and students to off-campus providers. The Shrink Space facilitates highly-tailored referrals and reduces the clinical and administrative burden on counseling centers by modernizing their referral lists, providing visibility into real-time provider availability and information, and managing the full referral lifecycle. The Shrink Space seeks to minimize barriers that prevent students from accessing off-campus resources, and is free to students and off-campus providers.

The Founders

The Shrink Space was founded by psychologists Beth Jago, PsyD and Aarti Khullar, PsyD to improve student access to mental health care. Drs. Jago and Khullar previously worked at counseling centers including University of Chicago, Boston College, and Johns Hopkins EHP, and both established private practices where they regularly received referrals from university counseling centers. These professional experiences provided firsthand knowledge about the complexity of the off-campus referral process, and inspired them to create The Shrink Space to address the systemic issues faced by university counseling centers, students and providers within the collegiate mental health system.

Development Team

The Shrink Space development team has over 50 years of collective computer programming experience building SaaS products and HIPAA-compliant platforms. Our lead developer manages a team of two full-stack engineers and one UX/UI designer and front-end engineer.


The Shrink Space team has been featured by University of Michigan’s Healthy Minds Network, was invited to an expert panel by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and was interviewed by The Chronicle on Higher Education. Listen to the founders speak on episode 5 of the Paubox HIPAA Critical Podcast to learn more about the premium The Shrink Space places on data security and the steps they take to maintain compliance with HIPAA standards.